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Terms Of Use

Any individual utilizing the services provided by FileTender does so at their own risk. FileTender provides no warranty, expressed nor implied, and all services are provided as-is. The use of this service to upload copyrighted or illegal material is not allowed, and will be removed and the offending individual may be banned from using our services. Uploading of any pornograpic material, including child pornography will result in an immediate ban and the user will be reported to proper authorities.

In accordance with the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA), any material that an individual feels is in violation of copyright(s) may contact the site owner, and if proper documentation is provided and we find that the material in question is of copyrighted material, FileTender will immediately remove said material. Being a secondary party and strictly a file host, FileTender is not responsible for material uploaded by users, but we will do our best to maintain quality control.

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